Elevation's COVID Response

These are uncertain times and as a small, family owned and operated company we appreciate your support more than ever.  In the event of a COVID cancelation due to state travel restrictions or Snowshoe Resort being closed we will offer 100% refund for your vacation. 

Elevation's housekeeping team is following CDC Guidelines, using an Electrostatic Atomizer Fogger, EPA approved disinfectants as well as a enhanced thorough procedure to disinfect and clean to all our Snowshoe properties.  While we are taking extra precaution to help keep your family safe from COVID-19, we do not accept any responsibility for possible exposure.  

Here is how we are enhancing our disinfecting and cleaning procedures.  

COVID-19 Cleaning Procedures


• A daily temperature check is required, employees with a temperature or who are feeling under the weather should remain home

• Wear face masks in all indoor public areas (Non N95)

•When servicing units wear appropriate PPE per each unit’s check list

•Follow all instructions per these procedures and checklists

•Insure no cross contamination between soiled items and clean linen / blankets / supplies

•Sanitize your hands every time you exit a condo 

Soft Fabric items:

•All soft fabric items, like furniture, blankets, comforters etc., should be both cleaned and disinfected between stays

• For furniture, either vacuum, wash or wipe to clean the surfaces. Disinfect using EPA

approved disinfectants.

•For blankets, comforters, etc., items be cleaned by washing and disinfected by using an EPA approved disinfectant applied to all sides for the item.


• All linen (including towels, wash clothes, dish towels and rags) must be removed from the unit after every stay. This includes both clean and soiled linen, as both can be exposed.

• Linen must be sent out for cleaning to a commercial laundry.

•Storage of extra linen must be in a separate facility other then the rental unit

Sanitizing Methods:

• For units vacant for less then 72 hours, a full unit disinfection is required using an electrostatic atomizer fogger and an EPA approved disinfectant

• For units vacant for 4 to 7 days, all high touch areas, appliances and

electronics must be either spayed or wipes with an appropriate EPA approved disinfectant.

• Items that are not exposed to any contaminate for 7 days are considered disinfected (does not imply the item is cleaned)


• Masks: for same day departures, N95 masks are required to enter the room, else standard cloth, 3py paper or face shield will be sufficient.

• Gloves: either disposable or washable latex gloves

•Eye Protection: for same day departures, either face shield or goggles are required

Seven Day Rule:

•Units that are vacant and have not been entered for more then seven days do not require any additional disinfecting steps other then a normal clean.